Weekends look a little different with toddlers in the house. For example, sleeping in means 7:30, instead of 5:00. It looks a little bit like this:


And this:


We are currently watching Frozen for about the 100th time:

Can I just say that I’m pretty sure Olaf is one of my favorite cartoon characters ever?

I also got to have a fairy draw pictures while sitting in my lap:


And it’s not even nap time yet…

So what are you up to this weekend?


An episode out of my life:

While in the kitchen making laundry soap, I hear Zoe (who’s in the dining room, coloring in her high chair) carrying on a very Smeagol like conversation with herself… “Oh no… Paper only. Paper! Good, good… Coloring… Oh no!”

This is what I found…


Containing the Chaos

I am about to share something that may shock you. My life is kind of chaotic. Oh wait. That’s not actually shocking, is it?

I have twins. Toddler twins. Chaos comes with the territory. I think chaos pretty much comes with toddlers no matter how many you have, but it is definitely a numbers game* when it comes to containing all the crazy. Two toddlers means two little crazies who are climbing and running and dancing all over the place (often in opposite directions), not very good at using their words yet, and prone to epic mood swings. It is enormous fun, but also extremely exhausting.

Some days are easier than others. Everyone naps at the same time, there are no injuries (see above…climbing, running, dancing…), I get to shower and drink my coffee before noon. Other days, not so much. Those days are full of skinned knees and tears, the floors begin to resemble a mine field of toys and books and Cheerios, and I end the day utterly depleted. Most days fall in the middle of those extremes, though. A little tiring, a lot of fun, but always full of crazy and chaos.

That’s what I’m getting at here. Chaos isn’t a bad thing, neither is crazy. It just is, and it’s a part of life, especially with twins. Containing all the chaos has required some recalibration in my life. New versions of normal, new and always changing expectations for myself, my home, my life. It always requires help. Repeat after me, “Chaos is ok. Chaos is normal.” Because it is. Some days it’s just better contained than others. And, hey, at least they haven’t burned the place down yet, right?

*Speaking of numbers games, I am always grateful to have a 1:1 ratio of adult to toddler in my home. Together, J and I tag-team this twin thing pretty well, I think. Toy mine field and all.


One on One

This is R:


She is my Little Peanut. She acquired this name from my OB who, upon delivering her, exclaimed, “Oh my, so tiny! Such a little peanut!”. It stuck with me.

When you have twins, you rarely find yourself able to spend much one on one time with each of your children. Tonight, however, was different. Z fell asleep early, so R and I spent about an hour curled up together before she eventually fell asleep. Snuggling, nursing, telling her stories about when she was still inside of me. As I watched her running up and down our front hall this evening, I recalled how energetic she was even from the first time I saw her on ultrasound, squirming and dancing like crazy (doing The Worm, to be specific). She moved constantly throughout my pregnancy, and has never stopped. I told her all of this as we cuddled. She babbled softly to me, as she often does when she’s tired, telling me stories of her own.

It was a special time for us. Just the two of us, occupying our own little world.

I feel like this is something every parent of twins needs to try to do. Just spend a little quiet alone time with each child. It’s so special and memorable. I highly recommend seizing every opportunity like this when one presents itself.

This Is How the Story Begins

My name is Mandy. I’m new to this mom thing, and I’m learning as I go along.

About fourteen months ago, I was newly pregnant and sitting in a waiting room with my husband, about to go in for a relatively routine ultrasound. We were called back into a small, dark room where our lives were changed the instant that this image appeared on the screen. ImageIn that moment, our lives became instantly more beautiful, more unique, more challenging, more everything than we every imagined they could be.

The next day, I went online looking for information, articles, inspiration, really anything twin related. There wasn’t much out there, and much of what I could find was less than positive.

That’s what brings me here tonight. I want to encourage all the moms, dads, and families that will follow after me. Things are about to get interesting. Things are also about to get magnificent. It’s terrifying, but you can do it.

Welcome to the big experiment that is my life with twins .