She Thinks I’m Cute!

Z has recently learned about things being cute. It all started with the tiny rocks she collected at Meemaw’s house. Then her stuffed dog(DogDog)’s nose. These are the things that inspire Z to coo, “It’s so cuuuute!”.

Then, as I was getting my jacket on to leave for church on Easter morning, Z found me in the kitchen and smiled up at me, “Mommy, you so cuuuute!”. It melted my heart and cracked me up at the same time.

My kid thinks I’m cute! In her book, I’m right up there with her tiny rocks and DogDog. I’ll take it!



Just after the new year, the girls quite taking bottles cold turkey. One day, they just decided they were done. They still nurse when they’re with me, but their need for mama milk when I’m away has passed. I was however, left with a freezer full of stored milk that I hated to see go to waste. I was unable to donate it to a milk bank, as it was all pumped after Z and R turned one, so I held on to it and kept and ear out for local mamas in need.

Little by little, my milk stash went out to mamas and babies in need of a little extra help. It’s been such a blessing to be able to help. From the beginning, I had an epic over supply of milk (contrary to what many would have you believe, it actually a fairly common “problem” among moms of multiples), so I pumped and stashed away gallons of milk in my freezer. It was a wonderful thing to be able to have that resource for my girls. When the time came that they were ready to leave that need behind, my first thought was to pay it forward to other moms who were struggling to pump enough for their little ones.

Today was a bittersweet day for me though. This morning, I met up at a local children’s store to deliver the last 26 oz. of milk from my freezer. I was so happy to be able to help that sweet mom and baby, but it was also the closing of a chapter for me. I am no longer a pumping mom. My babies are toddlers, and no longer require me to keep a stash of milk for them. That part of their lives and mine has passed. As grateful as I am to be done (because pumping is hard work!), and to have been able to share my milk with those in need, it was still with a tiny pang of sadness and nostalgia that I handed over that last bag of milk today.

Pumping milk for my girls and for sharing has been such a sweet blessing in my life, and I am deeply grateful to have had this experience it. I am happy and excited to move forward, but I will most certainly miss this sweet experience.