I met another twin mom today!

Meeting another parent with twins is like meeting a unicorn. It’s like walking through the forest and suddenly spotting another magical horse with a horn on it’s forehead. You have to fight the compulsion to excitedly run up to them screaming, “Yay! You have a shiny, magical horn too!” Only, instead of magical horses with horns, it’s meeting another person who knows what it’s like to have the same unusual pregnancy/birth/child-raising experience as you.

Instead of being that creepy person who freaks out and screams, “Yay! You have twins too!!!” You casually approach and say hi, then make a comment on how cute their twins are. It’s very cool and calm (well, calm for having twins). Then, of course, you very quickly begin comparing notes on shared placentas and pregnancy complications.

Because that’s the beauty of meeting other twin parents, it’s a very unifying experience. Not many people get to experience having twins, so meeting someone else who does is pretty spectacular! Even if you end up having little else in common with them, the simple fact that you both have twins bonds you together.

Then you get to have another unicorn to wander through the forest being magical with!


4 thoughts on “Unicorns

  1. Ha ha ha. In my neighbourhood there was another set of twins on my block, my neighbour had grand-twins, and everywhere we went we saw other twins (the highest was one day at Mc donalds playland we were the fourth set of twins in there, and two were identical sets). I guess where you live really makes a difference.

    • I think that must be it! I almost never meet other people with twins here, and those I do meet are usually telling me about their adult twins.

      • We joke it’s the water but I think it’s that it’s an upper class neighborhood, houses sell for a million plus(we just rent lol). Well off couples with established careers, so older, starting their families: screams fertility treatments to me ;-).

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