Hidden Treasure


I found all these diapers hidden around the house while picking up this evening mostly in the hamper, some under the girls’ beds, some more in the toy bin… I wonder if there’s more I haven’t found yet?


One on One

This is R:


She is my Little Peanut. She acquired this name from my OB who, upon delivering her, exclaimed, “Oh my, so tiny! Such a little peanut!”. It stuck with me.

When you have twins, you rarely find yourself able to spend much one on one time with each of your children. Tonight, however, was different. Z fell asleep early, so R and I spent about an hour curled up together before she eventually fell asleep. Snuggling, nursing, telling her stories about when she was still inside of me. As I watched her running up and down our front hall this evening, I recalled how energetic she was even from the first time I saw her on ultrasound, squirming and dancing like crazy (doing The Worm, to be specific). She moved constantly throughout my pregnancy, and has never stopped. I told her all of this as we cuddled. She babbled softly to me, as she often does when she’s tired, telling me stories of her own.

It was a special time for us. Just the two of us, occupying our own little world.

I feel like this is something every parent of twins needs to try to do. Just spend a little quiet alone time with each child. It’s so special and memorable. I highly recommend seizing every opportunity like this when one presents itself.

I’m Baaaaaack!

Ok, so it’s been a couple of months but, to be fair, things got a little crazy around here. June is Birthday Month in this family (we have SIX birthdays to celebrate, including Z and R’s!), we had friends move back to town, said goodbye to a dear friend moving away, and just all manner of general summer fun. I’ll get you all caught up with pictures tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday ;). Anyway, now that we’re settling back down, I’m back!

It’s almost impossible to describe how much my little angel girls have changed over the past weeks. There’s this amazing phase between infant and toddler that no one ever told me about. The girls’ personalities are exploding, they’re getting more active, and learning new things every day but, in so many ways, they’re still just squishy, cuddly little babies. I love this.

I am constantly surprised by them. Z and R learn new things every day, and so do I. They’ve learned to walk and started talking up a storm (even though I still can’t understand a lot of what they say…), and I’ve learned that there is great wisdom and truth in the concept of being suspicious of silent toddlers (because it generally means that they are unspooling all the toilet paper, eating lipstick, or taking something apart).

I think that sums up what’s been going on around here and keeping my so busy lately!